Questions about Lutheran School of Nursing in St. Louis??

  1. After looking over Lutheran School of Nursing's website I am thinking about applying to their program. I have a few questions for any graduates of this program or current students.
    • I have heard that it takes longer for students to get in who are not currently taking their prerequisites at LSN. Is this true?
    • If I apply now when do you think I would be able to start my nursing courses? I am wanting to start Fall 2012. Is it too late at this point?
    • Lastly I saw that the minimum GPA to get in was 2.5. Is LSN like most schools, and they have a set minimum GPA, but they are most likely to accept students with a much higher GPA? Or will they accept a student who has that minimum 2.5 GPA? How hard is it to get into this program?
    I know I had a lot of questions! Thank you for your help!
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    Did you go to LSN
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