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Nursing schools in st.louis mo

  1. 0 Anyone get accepted into any nursing schools in st.Louis Missouri? If so what was your gpa upon getting accepted?
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    I'm going to St. Louis Community College Forest Park for my pre-req's and then will be putting in my application there for their ADN program. I hear Goldfarb is really good as far as BSN's go. Or UMSL.
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    Accepted to SLU based off of high school GPA and ACT score. No pre-reqs or entrance exam needed, and generous financial aid.
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    I was accepted into Goldfarb's accelerated BSN program with a 3.34 from my previous BA.
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    Thanks for the posts guys. I was just trying to see if my 3.6 gpa would get me into goldfarb, umsl, or another st.Louis nursing school. I will begin applying in may
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    I was accepted to Goldfarb and start in Fall 13. I have a gpa of 3.6 I believe.
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    As long as you gave a 3.0 or higher you will be aaccepted, and of course you must complete your pre reqs. I start the upper division program this summer 2013 !