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New grad can't find a job in Missouri. - page 2

I live in central Missouri, just graduated in May from an ADN program. I have been applying like crazy to all kinds of nursing jobs and I've only got three interviews and no job offers. I am getting... Read More

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    Quote from Aurora77
    Have you thought about Springfield? St. John's and Cox both have long lists of job openings on their websites. Many of my classmates got jobs there. Good luck!
    I don't want to be all doom and gloom, but I work at one of these hospitals and my patient ratio is 7-11. The minimum is always 7, if you have less patients that that, they send a nurse home. There is a reason they have job openings, they just cant keep staff. But, it's a good place to get your 1 year of experience and move on.
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    Hey I got a job in KC. Interviews started to pop. I also have seen new grad postings for December at several hospitals. Hopefully you all will too.
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    I know people in my graduating class in Dec 2010 didn't get jobs until that summer..and I think some are still searching for jobs. I got an SSM job with FUTURES and they said over 250 people applied and they gave jobs to less than 70 people. I got lucky. Good luck.. Honestly you're not alone. I have heard this a lot!!