I have been accepte to spring 2013 nursing program at st louise community college

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    I have been accepted to spring 2013 nursing program at St. Louis community college.do I need to read any books before I get into nursing school...?can any one help with pre nursing advice...thank u!!!
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    Congrats. I have yet to apply for nursing school. I will be applying in may. Good luck and I would just probably review A&P
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    First off CONGRATS on your acceptance into nursing school. I would love to know when you got on the waiting list and at which location are you attending. It seems like the wait time is starting to speed up. I still have Chem to take then I'm on my way
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    Moved to Missouri State Nursing Programs for more response.
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    How long were you on the list? I applied Dec 11' and I am still waiting. I only applied to Meramec though.

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