from highschool to nursing....any advice?

  1. ok so im a senior in highschool goin to be a nurse (inshallah) after high school, i plan to do my pre-reqs at longview community college then go to the penn valley nursing program then to umkc for my bsn and after a few years of being a pediatric nurse im going to be a travel nurse. its just my dad doesnt want me to be a nurse he looks down on nursing thinks its horrible,trashy,"nothing" im done convincing him because he wantes me to be a doctor so im just telling him im being doin my BSN and telling him like a fancy name.
    any advice? what pre-reqs do i need for penn valle in longview? how long will it take? do i need to do something extra to be a pediatric nurse? wish me luck!
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  3. by   awb4130578
    well pre-reqs would depend on which ones you need to get into the BSN program at UMKC. Check the school's websites. Here's the one to the community college-