Dialysis Nurse

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    I reside in st. louis, mo. and currently work as a telemetry Nurse at st. lukes hospital in st. louis. I am looking for a change at this time, I have done med/surg, float pull-med/surg, and telemetry. I am tired of floor nursing and leaning toward either dialysis nursing outside the hospital or emergency room setting. I have 7 yrs experience with a BSN degree, just don't know. I know for sure I'm not happy where I'm at.

    Please reply with any information, experience, and the liking of your job
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    Hi did you ever find a job in dialysis?
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    I'm also curious about your choice. Did you get into dialysis?

    I am considering the same thing, changing from home healthcare. I have 5 years hospital unit nursing; 1 in med/surg and 4 in maternity.

    How physically demanding is dialysis nursing?
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    What did you decide?