Comprehensive list of all BSN and ADN programs in Missouri?

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    Also, do employers readily hire grads from most or all of these? Or are there certain programs with 'lesser' reputations?
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    Here's a link to the BON listing...first listing is a comprehensive list of all LPN programs, followed by Associate Degree RN programs, then BSN RN programs.

    2nd link is to a pass rate for the given schools...Frankly I'd stay away from any program that has less than 85%...even then I'd shoot for the "high flyers"(90% and above), but then maybe I'm prejudice as the school I graduated from has had above 90% for awhile!

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    I'll second what luvs says. She gave you the same link I was ready to hunt down for you.

    Another site that has links to accredited programs across the U.S. as well as other info about nursing is:

    Both of these are excellent resources.

    Good luck!!

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