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Applying to UMSL for Spring 2011?

  1. 0 I'm just curious if there are any other potential UMSL applicants lurking out there?

    I have applied(I know it is really early) for the traditional program in the Spring.
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    Not sure if you'll see my comment. But it is sooooo hard to find information about the application process for umsl/ people who have applied to the Traditional Program within the last couple of semesters. I have applied for Spring 2012 and wanted to know what my chances are. Were you accepted in 2011?
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    Hi, rachie002,

    Yes, I was accepted to the traditional program. Have you talked to an advisor yet? I was given a lot of information about my chances for being admitted by the advisor. Basically, you're given points for your GPA and then your science GPA is weighted even more heavily. If you have any specific questions I will try and answer them. I hated not being able to find info when I was first applying-so ask away!
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    I just saw your reply. When did you hear back that you were accepted and what was your GPA (if you don't mind stating on here)? I am hoping and praying that I get in. I also got a $6,000 scholarship per year from umsl, so I really hope that they have accepted me into the program.

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