Anyone else apply to Goldfarb for Fall 2014?

  1. 0 I applied about a week ago and they have received all my transcripts so my application is 'under review'. They said they should have a response to me within 4-6 weeks. My GPA is 3.75 so I'm feeling pretty anxious - I wish they would just shoot me an email instead of sending a letter through the email. Get with the times, Goldfarb! haha So while I'm waiting I guess I will just focus on getting through my Microbiology and Chemistry summer classes...

    Anyone else apply for Fall 2014?
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    Hey! I applied last December and I was accepted it didn't take them too long to get back to me. My GPA is 3.2, so I think you are safe. Are you applying for the upper division? What school do you currently attend? Have you revived acceptance yet?

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