Any one apply to the Penn Valley ADN fall 2011 program?

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    I just put in my application for fall of 2011.

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    Are you talking about the bridge program? Or do they have an ADN program? I have been looking on their wedsite I can not find it on the list of programs.
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    I am talking about the RN program. That is the one I applied to. But they do have an LPN program and a LPN to RN bridge program as well.
    Go to the degree programs tab, its under practical nursing and proffesional nursing links
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    Hello, I was wondering if anyone could give me more information about the requirements to get into the RN program at PV. I haven't taken any prerequisites so I'm basically just starting the process. When I called to get more information I didn't get much help from anyone. All I've read online is that it's extremely tough to get into. Any information is appreciated!
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    Kaap, go to their website. It is All of the info is right there

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