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A question about St.Louis College of Health Careers

  1. 0 Im new to the area and I have been looking into LPN Programs and then I plan to Bridge. I was wondering about St.Louis College of health careers. I know a co worker who graduated from there and was denied access to any RN programs. She was told she would have to start from scratch? But couldn't she bridge she's a Nurse she passed her boards! I was considering it because it's quick only 15 months. Can anyone enlighten me. I have heard good and bad but mostly hearsay no real alumni or students. Thank You in advance!
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    Even though your co-worker passed NCLEX and received a license, she would still need to be accepted to a RN Bridge program. Credits from SLCHC do not transfer because of their lack of REGIONAL accreditation, plain and simple. While SLCHC may seem like a good option because of their lack of a waitlist, you will walk away with a very expensive, dead-end diploma in practical nursing. You couldn't pay me to attend this for-profit school.