worried i may have given an UTI

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    I am a home health nurse. Today I changed the foley on an elderly patient. The son assissted me during the process. As i was ready to insert the clean foley, his arm was close to the patient and i believe the tip of my new foley had touched his forarm leaving a small amout of KY jelly. I have no spare foley or steril gloves at that time, so i wiped the top of the foley with the paper that came in the kit, reapplied the KY jelly and inserted it into the patient. ( I thought the part of KY jelly that came in contact with him would stay on his arm and my foley should be faily clean). After I left the house I started feeling bad about it. what are the chances of me giving that patient an UTI!!

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    No way of being able to answer that question.

    It was contaminated, however.

    I know you didn't intend this to happen, but in the future, I suggest you be prepared for incidents such as this.

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