When did you find out your NCLEX results??!!!

  1. I took the NCLEX last Tuesday. Wednesday the MS BON was open.. But they were then closed Thursday and Friday for the holiday. It's now Tuesday and my name doesn't show up on the license verification on the BON site. ... This is driving me absolutely nuts. My anxiety is through the roof, and now the NCLEX people are playing a cruel joke on me!!

    I got 75 questions which I thought was a good thing(usually). Plus my school has 98% pass rates, PLUS I took Hurst Review which also has 98% pass rates.. But pretty much everything I've read says people get the results online in 2 business days.. It's now been 3 if you subtract the holidays. I'm so panicked...

    So the question is--- how long did it take for you to find out?
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  3. by   foofoo
    Well??? Did you find out? I take my NCLEX Feb. 9th and I'm nervous!