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    I am considering applying for the accelerated BSN program at UMC next year. I was wondering if there was anyone who was accepted to the program this year that could tell me what they did to make their application competitive. From what I have read it seems like the program is pretty hard to get into.
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  3. by   OrthoFNP
    It is really hard to get into! I was waitlisted. If I were you, I would make certain you have Chemistry I and II. It was not required for the program, but they gave special consideration to those who have it. Because I did not have it, I was not able to apply to the traditional program. This was annoying. I was upset. I am not sure exactly what they are looking for but I do know I was told the minimum GPA accepted was a 3.8 with a 3.9 pre req GPA. I had a 3.9 in pre reqs and a 3.3 overall. Oh well. Good luck to you!!