student...expired cna licence

  1. hello
    I am currently a student a nwmcc... i am taking my prereq's I am currently working part time at a casino and just wanted to get my foot in the door somewhere else.. I had a CNA licence but..stupid me never renewed it.. I still want to continue taking all my classes. I would like to renew my licence. but it seems I must retake the class? I was hoping there was a quicker way? I am close to tn and ark...please help if you can thanks

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  3. by   karrie79
    I'm not 100% sure about this but I have a friend who let her license lapse and it had been over a year since they expired. All she did was call the licensure place and they told her all she would have to do it retake the test, not the entire course. I would give them a call and find out your options.
  4. by   Runningonfancy
    For a newbie- how does one get a cna license?
  5. by   karrie79
    Check with your local community college to see if they offer classes. Also nursing homes sometimes hire people and give the classes in the facility to certify them. Try calling a few and check!