NWCC LPN/RN programs (never been to college) NWCC LPN/RN programs (never been to college) | allnurses

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NWCC LPN/RN programs (never been to college)

  1. 0 Hello all
    I have been trying to get in NWCC RN program and I have a few questions.
    I have taken my ACT and my scores are as follows: english 17,Mathmatics 16,, Reading 25, and Science 19 for a overall score of 19 the bare minimum for RN program. I am scheduled to take the ACT again on Feb 6. I will hopefully get a higher math and english score. I am also studying for the NET and TEAS.I have never been to college but I was a CNA 10 years ago.I am worried that I do not have any of the preq's because I have never been to college..so here is one of my questions what is a challange exam? I am sure they would like it if I had some basic classes but I guess I am just worried I wont get in nursing school ever.Anything you post will help thanks
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    I have been trying to study. For the ACT,NET and teas and find that I am having trouble with the math and my hubby says he cannot remeber anything from shool does anyone know a tutor? I live in southaven... plz message me thanks