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Nurse Externship Programs

  1. 0 I'm interested in applying for a nurse externship program for the summer 2010. I've looked at a few hospitals in the state that offered the externship program, and I would like to know if anybody has participated in an externship program and at which hospital and your experience that may be help me decide on which hospital I should apply. Also, I would like to know if you are paid while working as a nurse extern. If anybody has any idea, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!!
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    If you do a search of this website, you will find several threads about various extern programs. I would give that a try to get lots of information quickly.
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    Hey there, I just got a Nurse Externship here in New Jersey, you gotta look around, here's a link to a PDF file for externships statewide
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    hi, i did an externship last summer in mississippi and i enjoyed it, they do pay, st. dominics, methodist rehab, the VA are the ones that i know that offer them and you do get paid!!! you are exposed to a lot and have an upper hand in clinicals because of the knowledge you've gain from your externship, hope this helps