New Pay Rates for RN's in MS 2012/2013

  1. 0 I was just curious of what the current rates are for new graduates in MS? All the other topics I've read was way back in 2009. Does anyone know the current rates at particular hospitals in Jackson or just in MS in general? Thanks!
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    I dont know about jackson. I live north ms close to memphis. baptist east pays 23.50 plus diff for GN. I think st francis pays 20 or 21 plus diff. BMH east pays the most in memphis. I'd like to know what MS pays though. there's a new methodist opening thois year 10 from me in OB. i read somewhere that it might be going up.
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    I live north ms and the going rate here is 21.21/hr
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    North MS new grads start around 20.

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    Where I'm at it's $21.21 an hour...$23.21 if you work nights.

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