MSN units from Philippines considered in US?

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    Just wanted to know your views about Masters of Science in Nursing Units. I am planning to enroll around 9 units MSN before going there around June (St. Louis University). I'm still here in the Phil. Is it considered there?or will be credited? and would it benefit me in terms of increased salary? I'm just bored waiting for the visa so I might just study some more (and maybe continue it there later). I'm staying away from the hospital for the meantime (as advised by my doctor relatives) since I will need a Medical Exam by early June.Thanks in advance for answering my query.
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  3. by   elkpark
    Your best bet would be to contact the school(s) you're interested in and ask them directly. I would not invest time or money in any courses I planned to transfer without verifying with the "accepting" school that they would definitely accept the credits, esp. when different countries are involved.