Looking for a MSN prepared nurse mentor

  1. 0 Hi Everyone,

    I have been reading the post on this forum and just recently decided to join. I enjoy reading the posts and have learned a lot of great information. I am a registered nurse, practicing for 20 years in various areas of healthcare.
    I am enrolled in UoP in the master's program and am nearing completion. I am looking for a master prepared RN to be my mentor for my practicum. This person would only need to provide direction and guidance in the completion of my learning agreement with UoP for the practicum. There would be no need for written or clinical agreement or face-to-face meeting. We could communicate via email, phone or on this forum.
    I would appreciate anyone who would be willing to do this or anyone who can offer assistance or advice to me regarding the best way to approach finding this person. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Thank you,
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    Ironically, I was able to find a mentor via facebook. Thanks

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