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Just got into USM!

  1. 0 Hello everyone! I was just accepted to the BSN program at USM for Fall 2011!!!! Wooooo! Is there anyone out there that has been accepted, too?
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    Which school is USM?
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    University of Southern Mississippi!!!!!! To the Top!!!! The main campus is in Hattiesburg, Mississippi and they have a branch on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi! It is an awesome school! Jimmy Buffett graduated from there!
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    Congratulations! I realized I was reading posts from the wrong state. I'm in Missouri! But I know you must be so happy.
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    I have done the same thing! Thank you so much!
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    If you dont mind me asking, what was your GPA/ACT scores? I am going to apply to USM for the Spring 2012.

    Good Luck and Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Sure I don't mind! My GPA was 3.6 and my ACT wasn't so hot.....21. But it worked! Best of luck to you! I know you will do great!
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    How have you like USM's nursing school so far? I am applying for Fall and I'm stuck on what i should write in my letter!