Job as a PCA at memorial hospital? How is it?

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    I just recently accepted a position as a patient care associate in the telemetry department at memorial hospital in gulfport. My first day is nov 10th and im super excited and super nervous at the same time since I have NO medical/hospital experience, but I am an aspiring nursing student and I really want to get my hands dirty and see wat its all about. They seemed very professional and nice and i really like the month orientation they have vs the 2 week orientation at ocean springs hospital (which i turned down for memorial bc they offered me better pay and hours).. anyways, i was wondering if anyone could give me any insight on memorial and how you like it and what i could expect maybe? is it a good hospital to work for? they seemed very professional.. more so than other places i have been too..

    thanks yall
    Summer :heartbeat
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    Are you local? I couldnt get a job there for anything-even applied for PCA jobs-and couldnt get anywhere.Hmmmm.
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    sure am. I live in biloxi.. are you an RN? i cant believe you couldnt get a job there - from wat a lot of graduates were telling me, memorial was begging them to work for them. where are you workin now?

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