Is anyone starting MGCCC in the fall?

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    Just want to know if anyone is starting MGCCC in fall '06?

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    ]I'm doing my pre req's at the Jackson County Campus, and hopefully I will be applying in January. What campus are you attending? How long did it take you to get accepted?
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    I got accepted to the Perkinston campus. It didn't take long at all. Once I completed my application I got the news in about 3 weeks.
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    I will be starting the ADN program in Aug. 2006 at JD campus. I turned in my application in Jan. at the start of a new semester and I got the news I was in the program in April.
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    i will be taking online classes in the fall and spring to finish ( hopefully) my pre-req's for the bsn program at usm. i still need to get my cpr certification done before i turn in my appl. to usm in the spring tho.. any ideas on that?

    thanks & good luck all !
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    I am.. This will be my second year at JC. I am taking my nursing pre requisites there.
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    Good luck with nursing school! I graduated from Perkinston's ADN program May 2006. Hang in there....

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