1. Welcome to the Mississippi Nurses Forum! MY name is Eric and I'm a NICU nurse from Texas as well as a staff member here. Feel free to contact me via private message at any time.

    Now that you know me, tell us a little bit about yourself!
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  3. by   Sincere24
    I'm about to graduated for my lpn program on july 16 and plan on moving back to my hometown columbus, ms and wondering where to go apply for jobs in the golden triangle area but im focusing on tupelo area I would greatly appericate any help anyone can give me out there. Thanks
  4. by   naenae1979
    Hi! I am a delta girl! I am applying to lpn program for fall 2010. I hope and pray that I get in its been a very long road traveled to say the least. Any other delta peeps out there just yell at me lol!!
  5. by   cherryblossom2023
    Hello MS Nurses. I am a new grad from USM Gulf Coast and I have recently received my license. I have been putting in applications and calling hospitals since April with NO LUCK! ! Any more new grads having this problem?

    Hope to talk with many of you. Happy 4th of July! !


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