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info on working at VA hospital

  1. 0 i want to know if the rule on working at VA hospitals with any state license anywhere also pretaining to the VA outpatient clinics. anyone know? where would i go to find out.
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    That rule applies to any federal employment, regardless of the setting.
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    thank u much so the rule applies to the federal issue.
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    Yes -- state agencies (licensure, regulatory, etc.) have no jurisdiction over federal facilities/employees. It's not about the setting (inpatient vs. outpatient), it's about who the employer is.

    For that matter, the federal government could decide that it didn't require its nurses (or other professionals) to be licensed at all, and the states couldn't tell them otherwise -- but they have decided that their standard is "as long as you have A state license, from any state, not necessarily the state you're physically in." Same for physicians, PTs, etc.
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    thank u much im getting ready to move to another state and will take a while to get licensure completed. but looked on line for positions at the VA facilities and not hardly any at this time.