How much do cna's get paid in Jackson, MS metro area

  1. Hello all

    I've just finished my pre-req's for the ADN program and I plan to attend either Hinds or Holmes. I'm planning to take cna classes this fall semester and hopefully get into the ADN program the spring semester (after I've finished my ACT, I'm dreading it). I am thinking that this is a great way to get some experience and have a little pay on the side. Does anyone know what the current starting hourly wage is for cna's?

    Thanks a bunch
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  3. by   manna
    I don't live in the Jackson area, but I am from Mississippi.

    At my hospital, a new NA makes about $6.50/hour.
  4. by   csax
    Im not sure about other hospitals but I work at UMC as a student nurse assistant and the CNA's there start out at $7 to $7.35 an hour. I know that I have heard the pay is much better in the nursing home settings. Hope this helps.