HOW did you get in nursing school???

  1. I have been on the waiting list forever now, and now another....I cannot take it anymore. I have a full time job and I am trying to go to LPN school or even RN on nights and weekends, but it seems like that is impossible because programs are only during the day, and i'm on a never ending wait list for nights and weekends at Hinds. Please, can someone help me in anyway as to how to make it in? I am getting so discouraged.
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  3. by   Eagle2110
    Are you only interested in Hinds' program? Meridian Community College offers a varied schedule and it is even now offering a Hybrid program
  4. by   kamyette
    I cannot drive to meridian for school. I live in Pearl and I am a full time employee at UMC. Hinds is the only local school that has a night and weekend program. Holmes has ne but at their Grenada campus.