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    we just got a nasty letter from our hospital ceo, he claims that gov. barbor wants to increase the taxation on hospitals in the state. our boss told us that it would cause anywhere between 80-100 layoffs and slashing of hospital bennefits for the rest. now we went throught this crap last yr, and now everyone is ******* in their pants again. i am tired of this bullcrap. have ya'll heard of any scuttlebutt concerning this issue.

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    They have been rumbling the same stuff at our place for the past 3 days. we now got a hiring freeze and all the managers are comming up with contengency plans for cutting staff and working with skeleton crews. You are right I remember the same thing last yr. I'm getting tired of it too.
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    Just got the news from our micu shift leader last night. Seems that the states funding for medicare/medicaid is broke again and they want to tax hospitals to pay for it. Like your administrator our CEO is freezing hiring and the rumor of possible layoffs are going around. It seems like a bad time to be a nurse in Ms.

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