Endorsement to MS

  1. hi everyone in MS! hurraayy! (got my CA permanent license number, license on paper is already on the way)

    have several questions here, hope you guys can share or give an idea....

    1. how long does MS-BON process RN License Endorsement?

    2. Do I need to submit a copy of the License itself to the MS-BON?

    i read the instruction for endorsement to MS but I got confused on this part : Applicants not currently licensed in the state of original licensure must also submit a notarized copy of a current Registered Nurse license to this office.

    how can you submit a "current RN license" if you are "not currently licensed in the state of original licensure"...? unless they are referring to other licenses....what do you underdstand with this?

    3. Do you think I can just handmail the Endorsement Application to their office in Flowood? since it i just few minutes away.

    Guess im just excited to work here!
    Oh well, God bless ya'll! Hope I get some ideas from you guys! God bless!
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