Criminal Background Check

  1. Is anyone able to tell me where to go to check on my own criminal record? When I joined the Army years ago my record was supposedly expunged but I'd like to check.

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  3. by   LindseyLou2222
    You can go to UMC to have one done. If thats what you mean. Not sure if you just wanna check on it tho...
  4. by   shyra001
    I had to check my criminal background before also. I had a misdemeanor. I had to go to my local police station and send my fingerprints in to the FBI (you can get the info to do so) on there website. As for the state record, I called everywhere and you cannot run a state record on yourself in Mississippi. I had to apply for a volunteer position at a Hospice center where they did your checks for free to find that out.