CNA class around olive branch/holly springs area CNA class around olive branch/holly springs area | allnurses

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CNA class around olive branch/holly springs area

  1. 0 I live in red banks and in looking for a cna class! Thanks so much
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    Hi Amy1989,
    Im not sure where there is any cna course around ob/hs but I completed mine at Northwest Mississippi Community College in the accelerated course over this past summer I graduated in August. Im not sure of the distance you are actually willing to drive.This course is in Senatobia, MS, and I know the next course doesnt start until January I believe but it is competitive when trying to get in. I do know that Southwest Tn Community College in Memphis also offers a PCA course which is basically the same but I know nothing about their course. Are you planning on furthering your education going on into nursing? If you dont mind me asking.
    I will be glad to help you out all that I can , it took me months to find a class lol.
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