CA to MS license...what to do..?

  1. 0 Hi Fellow Nurses!
    I can't sleep thinking of what step to do...I passed my NCLEX RN registered in CA, all i need to do is submit my SSN and get my permanent licence..!YEyy! but i just moved to MS! (yeeyyy! ) now i am wondering what to do in order to start working here in MS. I have read in the Board of Nursing in CA that we don't need to transfer license in order to work and live in another state...But ive read in the MS Board of Nursing about the Endorsement..Do I need to have my CA license endorsed? (I'm settling here in MS with my hubby and be working here)

    What Must I need to do...?Any advise please...? thank you!
    plus, im curious, how difficult is it to get a job in central MS as a new RN?
    thanks and God bless us all!
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