Biloxi/Ocean Springs job outlook 2012? NEED INFO!

  1. 0 I have been digging and searching and only seem to find things from 2009 and earlier about jobs in the Gulf Coast of MS. I will be graduating with a BSN in December and working as an extern through my last semester in the fall. After that, strongly considering a move to Ocean Springs and my husband will be attempting admission to MS gulf coast CC for nursing as well. He has a 4.0 so hopefully it won't be a problem. I saw on much older posts that Biloxi Regional is a major avoid. Can anybody give me any insight on how scarce jobs are in this area? I'm not blind to them being nonexistent in some areas of the country. I can go several months without work but can't go 2 years as some previous posts have implied. How do any of you like it living there? Are there opportunities for ascending up the chain like NP?
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