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  1. Hello everyone,

    I am a New RN grad with 9 months LPN Experience looking to relocate to Jackson County area...Any recommendations as far as facilities that accomodate new grads, (i.e Best paying agencies and/or hospitals that accommodate the increased cost of living due to last years hurricane). I've noticed that rent starts at $1100 and up--I assume buying is lower.

    I had a recruiter quote me a salary and compare $18/hour to California's salary--California better accommodates the cost of Living in California. (Never been to CA)

    My ultimate goal is/was to go into ICU/CCU to continue to expend this energy to continue learn, use many things that are fresh in my mind, and begin working on Critical Care Certification before anything starts to get lost...the salary I'm being quoted says otherwise...Any ideas? Anyone? Thanks for any input you could give me on this matter.
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  3. by   NANCY1982
    I was reading in a thred the other day that the hrly wage for RN's is the jackson metro area has gone from $16.50 base with no shift diff to about $18.00, this is just what I read, I'm not positive on that though. But if you got a quote from CA for $18.00, trust me, you won't be able to support yourself on that in Ca. I was there for a few months visiting and the cost of living is ridiculous.

    Hope this helps