Anyone from the Meridian area?

  1. 0 Hi Just wondering if anyone on here was from the Meridian area?
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    greenwood :Melody:
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    I am from Meridian....Collinsville, more specifically. I have been away from Mississippi for about 6 years now. I was a travel nurse and somehow ended up in Indiana, married and now pregnant. I started out in an ER in Albuquerque, NM, a CCU and ER in Tulsa, OK, and Neuro Critical Care in Indianapolis. I am now "settled down" and back to my first love of ER. I would LOVE to move back home some day. ~crossing fingers~ I miss my family and Mississippi in general. Unfortunately, one of the "down sides" of moving back would be having to be a nurse there again. Not that it's awful, I've just been places where nurses are more respected, paid better, and the docs....well....aren't like the docs in Meridian.
    Anyway....Hello to you...I always get excited when I "see" someone from Meridian!
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    I am from Collinsville too. I just said the Meridian area because not to many people have heard of Collinsville. It is nice to meet you. I have leaved here all my life.
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    Hi I am from Collinsville too. I just said Meridian because not to many people have heard of Collinsville. It is so nice to meet someone else from here. Hope to talk with you again soon .
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    i am a 4th semester student at mcc. i am fairly new to meridian i have only been here for 2yrs but i love it
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    I live in Collinsville. It's nice to see people from around here. I'm in my first semester at MCC,by the way. =)
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    Am currently doing travel nursing in California but home is Waynesboro, MS- Am worried about Hurricane Katrina coming in......................Please email if you have any info about hurricane conditions in the area.
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    Hi tiffanya I am from Collinsville also. I went to MCC. I just put Meridian because not to many people has heard of Collinsville. Sorry I am so long getting back we just got our power back from the hurricane. Good luck in school.
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    Hello I hope all is well from the hurricane and I pray this season will hurry and end I am around the Newton/Decatur area and I attend MCC....
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    I live about 60 miles north of Meridian. Took some classes at MCC one time... Almost went there for instead of going to nursing school. :chuckle

    My brother and his family live in Philadelphia. He actually works at the hospital there.
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    I'm from Meridian, but I have been to Collinsville a few times!

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