Anyone else apply Holmes Spring 2010 evening/weekend class

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    I just applied for the Holmes ADN evening/weekend class for Spring 2010 and was wondering if anyone else on here applied also. I thought maybe we could give each other some support during the long wait that is ahead of us.
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    Hey there- sorry I'm replying to your question without an answer for you. I have had a difficult time getting in touch with anyone at Holmes for information about the evening/weekend ADN classes. Would you mind giving me a specific name and contact number; I would also be grateful for the exact web page that explains the program.
    Thank you!
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    Here is the link to the page with all of the info. At the top it has a link to the brochure that is really helpful. It tells you all that is required for the program and what you need to do. Good Luck! Unfortunately I did not get in, but I am thinking about applying for the LPN program. I hope this helps you.