Anyone applying to Holmes and Hinds for August 09?

  1. Hey guys. I was a little devastated when I was placed on the alternate list for UMC's accelerated BSN program. I thought being an alternate was ok until I was told all of the remaining 69 people who did not get accepted are on the list. So...I am on to plan B. I am going to work towards my ADN and then do a bridge to BSN. I already have a BA and was working towards the BSN so I have extra pre reqs already. Anyway, I wanted to know if anyone else is applying to Holmes Ridgeland campus for August or Hinds? If so...HELLO!!!!
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  3. by   letmein2nursing
    Hello..I applied to both hinds and holmes for fall 09...I also have a 4 year degree in business..I did a lot of research before choosing the ASN route over the BSN...mainly it came down to hinds and holmes are about 6000 for the whole program! I also want to be a hands on nurse...not in admin...from what i hear some hospitals don't even pay for a BSN..others pay about .50 cents more! Read the blogs! Do not be sad about not getting into UMC...You might love hinds or holmes!! Besides the application process is so took me 20 mintues to fill out the apps and get my transcripts sent:typing..NO app fees!! no recomendations! no essays! it is probably a blessing in disguise...apply to both and see what of luck..keep us posted!!
  4. by   OrthoFNP
    Thanks!!! You just made me feel a whole lot better. I agree with you. I applied to both Holmes and Hinds and the application process was so easy!!! Did you happen to look at the cirriculum at Holmes? There are some classes I have already taken. I am sure you have as well as they were core classes you need for a BS or BA like Comp. 101 etc. What do you think this means for us? There are 4 classes listed for the first year first semester and I have had 3 of the 4 already. Then the second semester first year is the exact same case. Hmmm. Since I want to do a bridge program I was wondering if I could take other stuff these semesters that would stiasfy my pre reqs for that program. Can you tell I have a lot of time on my hands??? Ugh! I just really want to get in and do this...I guess all we can do is wait. Good luck to you too!!!! I hope to see you there!
  5. by   letmein2nursing
    I have looked at the classes for both programs as understanding is if you already took the class they will give u credit for it...most of the nursing courses are 9 to 10 credits each they only way this might effect you is with financial aid and the cost of tution...since u already have a degree you won't be eligible for grants...but you would be considered part time for taking under 12 hours as far as loans...if u are set on getting a bsn check out delta state. they have a rn to bsn program online once u finish at hinds or holmes..just make sure you have fufilled all the have 4 semester to complete then while at hinds!! so once u finish all u have to do is apply!! i really believe u r going to be so happy with this route...everything happens for a reasonjust think since u have most of the general reqs met all u have to do is focus on nursing courses...can't beat that!
  6. by   OrthoFNP
    SO TRUE!!! What I was thinking is this...there is an ACT scholarship at Holmes. They will pay $650 per semester if you have a 21 and over and a 3.0. I have above that. Tuition is $712 a semester. You must be full time. So...I was thinking I may be able to fill in the spots with Pre reqs for the BSN at UMC. Their program would cost me $6,000. You can work full time as a nurse while doing it and it is online also. The accelerated BSN woud have been $10,000!!! So, yes I am very happy with this option. I just hope I get accepted. I am also looking at Hinds but I would have to pay more and will not get grants like you said due to heving a bachelor's, but I can get loans and stuff for the bachelor's. So, you are right. This is the best option for me!! I feel good about it. I just hope I get in. Everything does happen for a reason.
  7. by   letmein2nursing
    ok sorry to keep botherin u!! i didn't know u could get the holmes act scholarship if u already had a bachelors...did you have to fill out a form...or do they automatically consider u for it? i want to apply for that!
  8. by   OrthoFNP
    First off...You are certainly NOT bothering me. You are very sweet and very helpful!!!!! No worries. I hope this helps you too! That is what we are here for right?!

    Well, I told the lady in financial aid office my story. We were chatting back and forth about me not being elligible for loans/grants b/c of my previous bachelor's. She said, ........"Your financial aid is suspended on a community college level. That means from here on out if you are attending a community college you will more than likely have to pay out of pocket if you are considering pell grants and loans. You could go to a university and if you qualify for funds there then that particular school will award you accordingly. With regards to the ACT Scholarship, you do not have to fill out an application. If you meet the qualifications and you are a full time student it will be processed on your account. If you have any other questions please feel free to contact me."

    That is a copied and pasted email. SO...also she said..." If you have a 20 or higher on your ACTs and your a 3.0 or higher you may qualify for the ACT Scholarship which would pay 650.00 per semester as long as you are enrolled in full time hours. If you have any other questions please feel free to contact me."

    So there you have it!!!!! This sounds EXTREMELY promising.
  9. by   OrthoFNP
    My only question is what does she mean by MIGHT QUALIFY????? She knows I have a bachelor's so...Hmmm....
  10. by   OrthoFNP
    I emailed her and asked if everyone with a 20 or higher and a 3.0 automatically get the scholarship. I will let you know what her response is. I know at Hinds their ACT scholarship is for "first time entering freshmen." I applied for it anyway... I am first time at Hinds and entering as a freshman sort of...
  11. by   letmein2nursing
    hmmm to be honest something about that just dosent sound right...that might qualify statement kinda makes me think she is not sure herself...but who knows maybe we are getting ahead of ourselves!! lets get in
  12. by   letmein2nursing
    I emailed her and asked if everyone with a 20 or higher and a 3.0 automatically get the scholarship. I will let you know what her response is. I know at Hinds their ACT scholarship is for "first time entering freshmen." I applied for it anyway... I am first time at Hinds and entering as a freshman sort of...

    That was so funny!! I like your logic!! I Agree...hey they can only say no...
  13. by   OrthoFNP
    I AGREE! We gotta get in first LOL! I am soooooo already ahead of myself here it s not even funny. I am LMAO at your little smiley with the groucho Marx eyebrows!!!!!!!! TOO FUNNY! We will get in. I just have a good feeling about it. Ya know??? I just don't want to think otherwise.
  14. by   OrthoFNP
    My next question is this...I spoke with a representative at Hinds and asked what they look for as far as GPA is concerned. She tld m they take 20 college level courses to calculate your GPA. She said they will take whatever classes make you most competitive. I had a 3.1 from my BA and took about 30 hours or so at Holmes and have a 3.89 GPA. She told me they would look at whatever makes you most competitive. This would make more sense anywas since the majority of the 30 hours at Holmes were science courses. Then when I spoke to the lady at Holmes I was told they take all of your grades into consideration. This would be fine but...I noticed Holmes does not recognize pluses. So for instance, I made a B+ in Statistics. At Holmes they put this into their system as a B. I made quite a few pluses in college. Therefore, my GPA from College of Charleston is reflected in their system as a 2.94!!!! Now, if they were going to be fair about it they would actually raise my grade to an A not lower it to a B b/c College of Charleston had a stricter grading scale. If they looked at the number grade which would have been a 92 to be a B+, that would ba an A on Holmes's grading scale!!!!!!! So, I was really upset when I saw my grade point average was LOWERED by them. I am concerned this will hurt my chances.

    PLUS...with a degree we will be competing against people who may only have taken TWO classes!!!! The only pre reqs they have are A&P I and II. How is this fair? I have A's in both A&Ps Why not put us all on equal playing fields? I asked the lady at Holmes and her response to me was, "I can't help it if you made bad grades." Ok, first off I don't and secondly WHAT?!!!! How about put the students I am up against at a senior college and give them Principles of Accounting and Macro Economics etc, and see how they do and then comparre us? Ha! I am just confused as to how any of this is fair to us or to them. It could be bad for them too. They could have done bad in those two classes and did not have a gazillion courses to pull their GPAs up. So...what are your thoughts?

    Any thoughts????

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