Any scholorships out there?

  1. Hey guys, im entering nursing school this fall at USM and im trying desperately to find any scholarship out there that i can apply too bc i really dont wanna be 30k in debt! So far, I applied for the WIN (which only pays for the last year) and MTAG and NELB. Also the campus based aid at USM like the perkins, but the deadline was march 15th and i just found out i got accepted last saturday which is ridiculous bc there was no way had enough time to "complete the process" before then.. anyway, any other advice?

    thanks in advance
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  3. by   admiller
    I'm also looking for scholarships, grants, or loans for school. I received my finacial aid summary and they barely awarded me anything. I'm waiting to see if they can increase my unsubsidized loan amount.
  4. by   CocoChanel
    Try checking around at the hospitals. I don't know which campus your going to be attending (Gulf Coast or Hattiesburg?), but I do know that Singing River Hospital System offers scholarships to nursing students but you have to work for them afterwards for a year or two. If your in Hattiesburg, try checking at Forrest General or Wesley.