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Advice! 2012 LPN Hinds CC Program

  1. 0 Hello everyone. I will be starting the LPN program in Spring 2012. I am desperately looking for any advice prior to entering the program. I have decent study habits, so now what I need to know is the best tactics to follow regarding passing at HINDS!
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    Hello how is the program going for you. I am in the RN program at hinds just passed my first semester with an 89 and i am just amazed. I really don't know how to go through my summer with no school. I know that in the LPN during the summer you will start iv therapy, maternal child, and mental health. IV therapy is basically a skills check offs class, maternal is pretty intense but just read read read, and mental health is pretty easy mostly observation for clinicals. Summer goes by fast so just read and stay on task. I know that yall are out til like may 29th but don't consider this a break I would be reading to get ahead. Inbox me anytime!
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    how did the lpn program go for you?

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