Accelerated baccalaureate programs or second degree bsn

  1. 0 Hi! I'm looking into second degree bsn programs, whether they are accelerated baccalaureate programs or accelerated master's entry programs. I feel a little lost. I live it Mississippi and I realize that in these programs it's not a great idea to have a job. So I'm trying to find programs that may provide financial aid of some sort while also being a great program. I would love to hear how others dealt with the financial situation.
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    I did the accelerated program at the univerity of memphis but I did not work during the program. I received the HRSA nursing scholarship which paid for my tuition and gave me a stipend of $1200 each month. I know this is a late post but you can look into that scholarship they shoud be opening up a new application cycle for fall 2014.
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