Are you looking for online Micro and A&P classes WITH LABS?

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    Check out Rio Salado:

    It's a college based in the Phoenix metro. It's an accredited community college that has been doing online classes for years. Yes, there are labs included in these classes! A 4 cr. class will run you about $800 - not counting books. The U of MN proctors my exams. There are 2 - midterm & final. Multiple choice - 80 questions and 4 essays. The essays are fine since they are taken from a pool of questions that are shown to you each chapter (around 4 per chapter) so you can prep for them.

    I've taken Bio 205 (Micro), Bio 201 (A&P1), and I'm currently taking Bio 202 (A&P2).

    I'm on-call for work so these classes are flexible for me and work with my schedule.
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