1. 3 A month ago I was on here desperatly pleading for help finding a job

    Many of you were extremely helpful and offered solutions and tips for finding one locally

    Today, I am happy to announce that I have officially been offered a position at a TCU/LTC facility in St Paul!

    It is only on-call at first, but there are a LOT of hours available, and I will be getting a lot of experience with IV'S and wound care after a few months of new grad immersion!

    And as long as I am getting at least two shifts a week, I really don't care that it's on-call-
    It seems so many new-grads I know of get burned out and overwhelmed with their full-time first RN job-

    I feel on-call will be a good way to get my feet wet, no?

    SO, Anyhow, thank you again SO MUCH for your support! Today I am much happier, much less stressed out new grad
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