Started fall semester at NHCC

  1. 0 Started fall semester about a week ago. I am only going part time and taking 7 credits. But let me tell you I think I may have picked the wrong two classes together to take. I have Bio 1110 and Sociology 1001. Plus I am working fulltime. I am more or less the only one in school at this point among my friends. It has been a difficult adjustment, but keeping my head up and going to push through! Best of luck to all of you in classes this semester!
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    Cazman if ur determined. It will work. I too worked full time days and attended night class at NHCC taking a Bio class along with communications, at late evenings now I'm a 2nd year nursing student. Just stay on top of those readings and you'll be fine. GOOD LUCK!!!
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    Same boat (different school) - working full time days and night classes. It's rough but I keep myself motivated by keeping my eyes set on the goal.

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