Soon-to-be St. Cloud new grad-need advice

  1. 0 I currently work at St. Cloud Hospital as a PCA and will be graduating from St. Cloud State's BSN program in December. I had my internship in the ED at SCH this past summer and really want to be hired into that area as a new grad. Anyone have any tips or suggestions for attaining that goal? Anyone been hired into an ED as a new grad?
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    The only advice I can give you (I graduate in May as well) is that getting a job in the ED straight out of school is unlikely. Usually areas like ED, ICU, etc where nurses have to be very quick on their feet require a year or two of basic med/surg experience. I also think I will want to be an ED nurse eventually but I definitely want to get some med/surg under my belt first. Best of luck to you!

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