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Normandale nutrition course

  1. 0 Hi - has anyone taken the nutrition course online at normandale or heard anything about it? I'm thinking about taking it but a little nervous about it being online since I've never taken online courses before! Thanks in advance for any feedback.
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    I've never taken it at Normandale but I did take an online course through the U of MN. I love online! Don't have to go to class so more time to study and way more flexible.

    Lectures are either videotaped or audio with power point slides, so like a large lecture class and can review them. If you have questions, just email the prof or ask a classmate online. My class had multiple choice open book online tests.

    Some people need the "setting" of a classroom to help them learn. Some people need more structure to force them to study. But I would think going into nursing, you're going to have a lot self-motivation and good study habits anyways.