New in the area..looking for a pediatric job???

  1. Hi guys,
    We recently moved to MN, woodbury area. I've been an RN ( BSN) for almost 10 years, worked in LTAC, Telemetry, Med-surg. I would love to get some pediatric experience somewhere in twin cities. But, unfortunately all the job listings require atleast 1 yr. pediatric experience. Is there any hospitals consider applicants without pediatric experience? Another thing, what is the pay rate in MN for a BSN with almost 10 yrs( 6yrs in US and 4yrs in overseas) of experience?

    Also, I completed my First semester of MSN-family nurse practitioner program out of state. Got in to the waiting list of St.Scholastica. So do not know wheather I'll get in there this yr. If not, I am planning to apply for the DNP program in UMN. Is there anybody who completed this program through UMN? how is it? Please give me some guidence...I've Read that UMN hospital has a very good tuition reimbursement program for the employees? How is it to get a RN job there?
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