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    Hey I'm a first year nursing student at St. Catherine's minneapolis campus and I wanted to know are there any nursing students here in Minneapolis I can meet and maybe we can study together and help each other out!!

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    Are you in the nursing program or pre-nursing? Im starting the pre-nursing on the 4th of February.
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    I'm in pre nursing also and I start on the 4th of Feb also!! My name is Dominique!! Nice to meet you!!
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    Oh awesome!!!! My name is Kerry!! What classes are you taking? I'm taking chemistry and psychology.
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    I'm taking A&P and Lab
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    Quote from FutureRN92
    I'm taking A&P and Lab
    Awesome! Good luck! If you need any extra study material, I have plenty of A&P stuff.
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    Ok thank you!!!!! I might need them!! Lol
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    I just graduated from the program its a great program! Godd luck to you all.

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