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  1. 0 Maple Grove Hospital will be opening on December 30. Has anyone applied to work here? If so, have you been hired?
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    I've heard that there is a waiting list of people to get interviews there....North memorial layed off lots of their RNs last spring/summer and I know many are trying to get back into their system.
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    Wow! There were 8,500 applicants for 180 positions according to local news sources.
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    My husband just received a position there, however was told they are not hiring any new grads.
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    Because it is a new hosital, they want only experienced RN's for now until they develope a strong practice. I'm sure later down the line, they will start hiring new grads. But there is currently no orientation in place for new grads. I just started working here, and so far its a wonderful hospital. They didn't predict this hospital would be so popular and busy so talks of expansion are already underway.

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