lpn to bsn at presentation college

  1. hello everyone. im looking into this school to complete my nursing degree. i called today and got some info, seems pretty straight forward, i could apply, get all my transcripts turned in and more than likely start next january. its all online, except clinicals 3 wknds a semester. its expensive, but seems well worth it to be able to start next january instead of waiting and waiting to get into a lpn to adn program around here! i could be done with this program before even starting an adn program! anyways....just looking to see if anyone has any advice, went there, is going there now, etc. im scared to make the commitment, but it just seems so worth it!
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  3. by   LilRNonthePrairie
    This is an old post, but I just graduated from there. Have you started the program?
  4. by   bettyjean1013
    How was the program?
  5. by   cnatolpntorn2
    Does anyone how ho the nursing program online is at Presentation College?
    I just got accepted and wanted to connect with someone that went through it or is in it.