Homeland Health?

  1. Anybody hear of them?

    Their website says they do immunization clinics. I saw an ad for them in the Chicago area and noticed they are a MN company. With all the scams out and about, I was wondering if they are a legitimate company and if anybody has worked with them? Was it a good experience with training and being paid ontime? Can't find them on the BBB website.

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  3. by   Bear8585
    They are a legit company!! I worked for them as a registor for flu shot clinics. They provide more of a contractor style of work. Where you give them your schedule they assign you to a location and you meet there and do the clinic then off to the next. Requires knowledge of area and LOTS of driving!!! Marge was in charge last year 2010! Strong bossy women but nice pay especially if you are a lead nurse!!